• Markus Fiedler, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Marianna Obrist, University of Sussex, UK


This session is based on the recent Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop “QoE Vadis?”, with a special focus on contributions on future directions of QoE research beyond the multimedia comfort zone. Of particular interest are amongst others the exploration of services beyond multimedia consumption, investigation of new emerging technologies such as VR and AR, and stimulation of discussions on the design of multisensory experiences through opening up partnerships with adjacent research areas such as User Experience (UX) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), which attract huge investments by major players such as Apple, Google, etc.

Pressing questions are amongst others:

  • How cross- and multi-disciplinary design perspectives can improve the quality of service creation, delivery and perception?
  • What new processes, methods and measures can be applied to ensure the role of QoE in innovation?
  • What new business and societal values can be envisaged for QoE research?

Overall, this session shall provide a forum for researchers and practitioners from industry to look into the future of QoE research, joining forces with experts from other communities such as UX, HCI, as well as Economics, Management, etc.

Topics of Interest

  • The Devil’s Advocate’s view on different aspects of QoE research
  • Value of QoE research beyond multimedia consumption
  • New applications and services relevant to QoE research
  • New approaches and tools relevant to QoE research (e.g. Big Data analytics)
  • Joint efforts between QoE and User Experience research
  • Relationship between qualitative and quantitative data, user behavior and churn
  • QoE by design for future and emerging technologies (e.g., Virtual and Augmented Reality)
  • Business and societal aspects of QoE
  • Innovation through QoE research
  • Industrial aspects of QoE
  • Lifecycle aspects (e.g. requirements engineering and upgrade strategies) for services
  • Application of QoE research results “in real life”


Thursday, June 1, 2017, 16:15 – 17:55 (see daily program)

  • Emanuela Maggioni, Erika Agostinelli and Marianna Obrist. Measuring the Added Value of Haptic Feedback
  • Tobias Hossfeld, Poul E. Heegaard, Lea Skorin-Kapov and Martin Varela. No Silver Bullet: QoE Metrics, QoE Fairness, and User Diversity in the Context of QoE Management
  • Andrew Hines and John D. Kelleher. A Framework for Post-Stroke Quality of Life Prediction using Structured Prediction
  • Vlad Hosu, Franz Hahn, Mohsen Jenadeleh, Hanhe Lin, Hui Men, T