The QEEMS social event will be held at the restaurant Zum Wenigemarkt 13. Join other young researchers and make use of the time to get to know each other! We will have a dedicated room for the group. During the evening, the awards will be presented. Rumor also has it that there may be some musical performance?

Location: Wenigemarkt 13, 99084 Erfurt (map)
Date and Time: May 29, 19:00


A menu will be provided for the evening. Please note that dinner and drinks have to be paid by participants. Individual payment will be possible.

Please note that the menu may be subject to daily changes.


  • Fruity, spicy pumpkin mango soup, 4,90 €
  • Chestnut soup, with vegetables, chickpeas and chili stripes 3,90 €
  • Small salad with fruity balsamico dressing, fried poultry liver with onions, apple and walnuts, 5,90 €


  • Fried fresh mushrooms in cream, refined with herbs and served with Thüringer dumplings, 9,50 €
  • Pork neck from Thüringer Duroc pig, with vegetables, bacon, plums and Thüringer dumplings, 15,80€
  • Delicate chicken breast fillet, with fresh asparagus, sauce hollandaise and rosemary potatoes, 16,90 €
  • Fried fillet of pikeperch with mediterranean vegetables, sweet potato mash and vegetable chips, 15,90 €
  • Pork cutlet from Thüringer Duroc pig, with homemade herb butter, fresh asparagus and parmesan potatos, 21,50€
  • Crispy goosecone with forest honey glazed on rosary and Thüringer dumplings, 16.90 €


  • Homemade almond cake, with marzipan ice cream, 4,40€
  • White nougat ice cream with chocolate sauce, 4,90 €